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Welcome to RSJ Software

Our vision is to bring together challenge and implementation.

We are experienced in developing for heterogeneous systems, point of sale, barcode and the internet.

Our primary focus are our users: We want to create a unique experience for them, where they can forget about the technologies behind it.

Part of our solutions are sold as standard products. Another part has been developed for customers for inhouse use or distribution to there customers.

Contact us if you have unique challenge for us.

Next Generation Label Printing

Labeling made easy

The Next Generation Label Printing System brings easy creation and printing of labels containing host supplied and static data right into your browser.

Our advanced graphic design features (such as dynamic font size adjustment) and the integrated True Type and Unicode support, make this system ready for worldwide deployment.

RSJ 3D Packer

Fast and simple web application to determine optimized packing solution for variable sized items in variable sized containers:

  • Heuristic solution
  • Multiple container sizes
  • Optional vertical rotation per box
  • Vertical support
  • Interactive 3D display
  • Can be used to optimize boxes, palettes, containers, trucks, ..

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Skills and Experience

If you have a unique challenge, we might find the right innovative solution for you.

We know (or find out) how to use any technology (new or from digital history).

We have lot of experience designing, developing, deploying and maintaining solutions on a worldwide scale.

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We developed the system side of cash register systems for an internationally leading player in self service wholesale.

A number of worldwide video game portals use download technology developed by RSJ.

RSJ CD Writer and RSJ HD Image are standard products for writing optical media (like DVD, CD or Blu-ray).

One of our first standard products, the RSJ Label Printing System (available since 1985) has been completely redeveloped (based on current technologies) as the RSJ Next Generation Label Printing System.

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