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Partnership Opportunities

We see interesting opportunities to bundle our solution (or parts of it) with other products to increase it's value for our customers.

Partners might use a white label version of our cloud offering, include or resell a standalone version of the software with their products or integrate our Embedded Edition directly into their products (eg printers).

We are also interested in providing open interfaces to others systems.

Possible partners include manufacturers or resellers of:

  • Printers
  • Labels
  • Packaging Systems
  • Vision Systems
  • Internet Office Products
  • POS Systems
  • Supply Chain Management Systems
  • ERP Systems
  • Product Data Providers
  • Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL)

Read more about our use cases.


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The RSJ Next Generation Label Printing System (LPSNG) is based on a highly modular design.

It has a rich state of the art functionality, which can be fully controlled through the graphical "Label Studio" right from your web browser.

It can be deployed in the public cloud, private servers, standalone or embedded into other systems.

The OpenID Connect and OAuth2 based web service interfaces allows easy integration with other IT systems.

The printer independent PDF's created can be used on most bitmap capable printers.

Or you can send the bitmaps to Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) for display.


We have created some samples, to show the additional possibilities available when using an inhouse deployment of RSJ LPSNG.

Learn more ...

Deployment Options

You can deploy RSJ Next Generation Label Printing System in different scenarios:

  • Use our cloud based service (right here on the web)
  • Deploy on your own server(s)
  • Optionally connect it directly with your packaging line
  • Or integrate our Embedded Edition directly into your printer

Learn more about our use cases.

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