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Order Specific Labeling

Order Specific Labeling

The Objective

Customers want to decide how there goods are labeled:

  • Either because they want to sell them under their own brand
  • or because they want to automate their goods entry system
  • or because the want to implement traceability

The Solution

Our Next Generation Label Printing System allows for a simple fullfillment:

  • You can use our web based layout editor to create customer or product specific labels:
    • Text in different fonts, barcodes (1D and 2D), images
    • Dynamic data fields from your ERP and production systems
    • You can use scripts to adapt data fields (eg to generate a composite barcode from different data fields)
    • You can use our background images to easily position fields on pre printed (eg color images) labels
  • We merge the dynamic data into the layout at production time and print them as bitmaps (or PDFs)
  • You could request labels:
    • either manually from a web browser
    • or automatically from your production line (either with a web service request or a project specific TCP connection)
    • or use a hybrid approach were part of the data is set automatically and part of the data is entered manually
    • or import batch data file (Excel, CSV, JSON or XML) to request multiple labels in a batch operation

The Advantages

The advantages of our solution are:

  • You only need to install our software on the server. Clients just use their web browser.
  • Simple integration ERP systems. You just need a link into our browser app.
  • Simple integration into packaging lines. We support web service requests or could implement a custom TCP interface.
  • We create our bitmaps on the server. So you could check the final appearance on screen.
  • We create an identical output on different printers.

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