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LPSNG Player

The complete LPSNG print engine is also available as the standalone LPSNG Player.

How it works

  • You create the label descriptions with LPSNG Cloud
  • You pack the label descriptions (with all dependend files like fonts, bitmaps or sublabels)
  • You download a single file
  • You call the Windows command line LPSNG Player with the label description and the data file
  • LPNSG Player supports the following output formats:
    • PDF file
    • PNG files
    • JSON file with PNGs (for ESL)
    • Windows printer
    • Send to ESL


  • Complete LPSNG print engine
  • Simple integration
  • Simple destribution


Usage: player    [-h] [--version] [--config CONFIG]
                 (--package PACKAGE | --labelDescription LABELDESCRIPTION)
                 [--blob BLOB] [--data DATA] [--xslt XSLT] [--dataOut DATAOUT]
                 [--pdf PDF] [--png PNG] [--resolution RESOLUTION]
                 [--printer PRINTER] [--docName DOCNAME] [--json JSON]
                 [--eslSender ESLSENDER] [--eslResult ESLRESULT]
                 [--eslBase ESLBASE] [--xSize XSIZE] [--ySize YSIZE]
                 [--aaLevel AALEVEL] [--color]

LPSNG Player

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --version             show program's version number and exit

  --config CONFIG       Config file (default: conf/standalone.json)

Label Description:
  --package PACKAGE     Package file (default: None)
  --labelDescription LABELDESCRIPTION
                        Label description file (if not using package)
                        (default: None)
  --blob BLOB           Blob path (if not using the package) (default: .)

Data Source:
  --data DATA           Data file (input) (default: None)
  --xslt XSLT           XSLT transformation for data (default: None)
  --dataOut DATAOUT     Data after XSLT output (default: None)

PDF Output:
  --pdf PDF             PDF file for output (default: None)

PNG Output:
  --png PNG             PNG path for Output (default: None)
  --resolution RESOLUTION
                        Resolution (in DPI) (default: 72)

Printer Output:
  --printer PRINTER     Printer name (default: None)
  --docName DOCNAME     Document name (default: LPSNG Player  Labels)

  --json JSON           JSON file (Output for ESL sender) (default: None)
  --eslSender ESLSENDER
                        ESL sender program (default: None)
  --eslResult ESLRESULT
                        ESL result (default: None)
  --eslBase ESLBASE     Default ESL base (default: 02)

ESL Rendering:
  --xSize XSIZE         ESL x Size (default: 0)
  --ySize YSIZE         ESL y Size (default: 0)
  --aaLevel AALEVEL     Anti Aliasing Level (default: 2)
  --color               Color ESL (default: False)

Use Cases


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